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Gardens have always been an important and integral part of the network projects. The Aga Hall Estate, Mazgaon, Mumbai is one such great example.
The landscape design is constructed as a collective of gardens and enclosures within the larger narrative of a Mughal Garden. ... About half of the project’s footprint has been reserved for open and green spaces, with seating for Senior citizens, places for children to play, for quiet contemplation as well as community interactions and social gatherings.

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  • Building Entrance

    Building Entrance

  • Children's Play Area

    Children's Play Area

  • Club Deck

    Club Deck

  • Community Seating

    Community Seating

  • Courtyard Seating

    Courtyard Seating

  • Forecourt Garden with Heritage Fountain

    Forecourt Garden with Heritage Fountain

  • Garden of Solace

    Garden of Solace

  • Garden of Thresholds

    Garden of Thresholds

  • Grand Entrance Driveway

    Grand Entrance Driveway

  • Heritage Fountain

    Heritage Fountain

  • Orchard Garden

    Orchard Garden

  • Porte Corche (Drop-off area)

    Porte Corche
    (Drop-off area)

  • Sky Deck Tower West

    Sky Deck Tower West

  • Sky Deck Tower East

    Sky Deck Tower East

  • Stepped Charbaugh Garden

    Stepped Charbaugh Garden

  • Swimming Pool

    Swimming Pool

  • Terrace Garden Tower West

    Terrace Garden Tower West

  • The Maidaan (Outdoor Playground)

    The Maidaan
    (Outdoor Playground)